Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recent Best Finishes In Full Tilt Poker's 'Poker After Dark' Round 1 Qualifiers

10/7 -- 8th out of 360
10/13 -- 12th out of 180
10/21 -- 16th out of 180
10/25 -- 11th out of 180
10/26 -- 19th out of 180

...still need a 1st place finish (or a 2nd in the 180-player rounds -- I still haven't figgered out why they do it that way yet [you'd think it'd be top 2 finishers out of 360 players or top 1 out of 180 -- but NOOOOOO!!! (okay, okay, restraining my inner Belushi)...]) to make it to Round 2 (Dernded it! I made it that far once or twice before, right?... now can anyone remind me just exactly how I did that again? [scratches head]...)


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