Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let Me Explain… No, There Is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up…

Been meaning to write a post updating my poker progress fer *weeks* now, but just never got a round tuit (dernded things are rare, doncha know).

Last I looked, I wuz ranked 870th in cumulative ‘lifetime’ points over on the NLOP (National League of Poker) site –- given that I went back to playing at that site a couple weeks *after* they started keeping track of cumulative poker points, I’m kinda happy with meself ('specially since I wuz 5900-somethingth on the weekly leaderboard the first week I came back -- so I apparently made *some* improvement [grin]...)

(‘Course, I’m even *happier* that a couple of weeks back, I slogged my way thru 700-some folks in one of their week-end championship matches to take *5th* place –- which earned me my first 'non-imaginary' reward of [not cash, sadly, but] a rather-nice-looking leather-bound ‘poker journal’ with lots and lots of nice blank lined pages within -– which I have yet to decide what I’m gonna be using it fer, natch – so far, only idea that comes to mind is using it fer getting autographs from the pros if’n I ever gets meself into the WSOP or a WPT tourney…)

On the other sites, I’m also still just using my ‘play money’ bankroll – but lately I’ve been concentrating mostly on games like HORSE (at Full Tilt), Triple Draw 2-7 (at Ultimate Bet) and something Poker Stars calls the ‘8-Game’: a round of Triple Draw 2-7 followed by a regular 5 rounds of HORSE, then a round of No-Limit Hold’em and a round of Pot-Limit Omaha (and home again, home again, jiggity-jig back to Triple Draw, of course, of course). With enuff patience (and stricter adherence on my part to the Ferguson principles of bankroll management), I should be getting to where my ‘play money’ may yet earn me some *real* money [ah, we can but hope, can’t we?...]


Full Tilt Poker: $30,438
as of Oct. 27, 2007: $48,225
highest point between then and now: $54,150
lowest point: $19,413

Poker Stars: $8,722
as of Oct. 27, 2007: $9,097
highest point between then and now: $17,443
lowest point: $8,595

Ultimate Bet: $2,879
as of Oct. 27, 2007: $2,675
highest point between then and now: $3,075
lowest point: $2,375

(Okay, I had some slump issues (mostly betwixt March and June of this year, at least according to the Excel spreadsheet I started back in October and haphazardly try to update whenever I remember to do so [grin]), but I'm much better now...REALLY! [grins some more]... -- oh, and I *am* still planning on posting some hands I’ve been playing on here fer some manner of 'analysis' -- and potential self-ridicule – soon’s I figger out how the Hades I wants ta actually *dooz* it [grins yet again -- oh, no Thorazine fer me, thanx anyhoo...])


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