Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Not Being Lazy -- I'm *Recycling*!...

[the following lines were harvested from my contributions to a group poetry writing project elsewhere on the interwebbinesses...]

hope springs eternal
hovering over possibly
extinct sentient peoples
reading insignificant notes
gone south even though
existential rhinoceri natter
at length

Soviet madwomen retch
at the sight of
a needle-weakened toady

dogfight dopes nihility

a moneyless rude sin

the empty modern beater
has a jubilant keen stench

in sleepless alien
weighty hothead ant
mud butt by pimp
penalize sleepless alien

awesomely molest the sparkle

enema healingly lazy
loyal outdated pipe
plebe romp simpleness
sleek sleepiest stealth
swine than thumb-wise...


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