Monday, December 17, 2007

FTP Poker After Dark Tourney: Round 2

Some of yawl already heard me mention this elsewheres, but on Saturday night, I beat 359 other players in a first-round on-line tourney on Full Tilt Poker where the person who survives all three rounds gets to go on the TV show Poker After Dark and play fer $120,000.

(Yeah, thanx -- I kinda liked it too [grin]...)

However, tonight wuz the 2nd round, and in what has become an irritatingly common occurence fer me in multi-stage tourneys:

Start time: 10:05 PM
Time I lost all my chips: 10:36 PM

...and the most irritating part is I *know* exactly what I did wrong.

I started off expecting most everyone to be playing tight, and I wuz right, with the big exception of the guy immediately to my right, who apparently took that same assumption to the extreme by going all-in the first f****ing *four* hands [sigh] -- after he got busted down to 2 big blinds and then doubled back up twice, though, there were really only three of us at the table playing any hands at all: the guy immediately to my left, the guy on Mr. All-In's right, and me -- after the All-In Fiend settled himself down, I quickly took to stealing pots right and left from all the Nervous Nellies until I wuz both the table chip leader and in something like 116th place overall (out of just slightly less than the 2100-some players who'd started this game [!!!]) -- problem wuz: I fergot that once you get so high up in chips, you make yerself a target if'n yah *don't slow the **** DOWN* (which I didn't, of course, of course [slaps self on forehead]...)

[...and to add insult to injury, once the guy on my left caught me napping fer aboot a third of my chips, *he* started using my own steal techniques against everyone, including *me* (which, given the number of opportunities he had to use them earlier in the game and didn't, makes me wonder if he *just* learned them from me right then and there, or he'd been 'acting stupid' until he had a big enuff stack to 'whomp' us all upside our widdle heads -- geez, and I'd even let him take down a couple of pots from the tightwads before that [doesn't pay to be nice in poker, I know, I know (le sigh...)])]

ADDENDUM: is it just me, or did I just aboot set a new personal record for parenthetical expressions just above? [grin...]


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