Saturday, October 27, 2007

Of *Course* The Check Wasn't In The Mail...

...yah know, fer a blog whose name sprung full-blown from my head like Athena due to my poker obsession, I've been *inexcuseably* lax in blogging about said activity -- yes, I am teh sux [okay, obviously *someone's* been making me read too dernded much LOLcats lately (sigh)] -- I'll try to do better in the future, yawl [scratches 'requisite blogger self-flaggelation' from to-do list...]

Well, let's try starting this time around by comparing the 'play money' balances in my poker accounts from last time I talked aboot this fine madness to their current values:

June 8, 2007

Full Tilt Poker $17,416.00
Bodog Poker $9,500.00
UltimateBet $2,175.00
PartyPoker $1,021.97

October 27, 2007

Full Tilt Poker $48,225.00
Poker Stars $9,097.00
Ultimate Bet $2,675.00
Party Poker $1,255.97

First thing yah might notice is I dropped out of playing at Bodog -- after they ditched their original US servers when they got sued fer copyright infringement (or some such bee's wax), I decided I didn't wanna deal with the headache and heartache. I replaced them with Poker Stars, which I'd been meaning to eventually get an account with anyhoo, but after seeing they'd added Daniel Negreanu to their 'team', that sold me right there (if yer really into the game and on MySpace, Daniel's blog over there is highly recommended by moi [EDIT: this may be a better choice fer reading Daniel's posts]...)

Next thing is how much the Full Tilt and Poker Stars accounts have grown (in case I fergot to mention before, most sites will give you $1,000.00 in play money to start with when you first sign up) -- I've gotten to the point on those two sites now where I figger: if I don't make it to the money at one of the low-limit tables/tourneys ($250 buy-in at Full-Tilt, $300+ at Poker Stars), I must be having a *bad* day -- took it all recently in a 90-person sit-down on Full Tilt (as well as finishing in the top 100 in a couple of their 600-some player tourneys), which came at the end of a otherwise miserable losing weekend last week -- meanwhile, Poker Stars has a 3-stage tourney going on the next few weeks I need to take another stab at, since the final stage gets you at the final table with Negreanu himself [insert perfectly hetero-fanboy swoon hereaboots...]

Now the Ultimate Bet and Party Poker numbers haven't changed much because I've been concentrating on the freeroll tourneys at Ultimate and just playing the minimum buy-in tables ($11) on Party Poker...


...tonight I played one of them freeroll tourneys against 4999 other people on Ultimate Bet AND CAME IN 21ST!!! [cue Harold Hill's 76 trombone band, please (grin)...]

Good news: that qualifies me fer a tourney on Sunday where there's $1000 in prize money -- *REAL* money...

Bad news: if I'd made the top 20 tonight, I'da already *had* me some green (well, okay, tonight 20th place wuz $1 and 1st wuz something like $9 -- but I's still looking fer me first *real* money win, so I ain't so picky yet, 'sright?...)

[ overall, wouldn't you say it appears this poker project proceeds perfectly apace?...]


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