Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hey! Look! Something Resembling A Real Post! Who'da Thunkit?...

As a couple of you already know, I spent the better part of the last week at home recovering from some abrasions to the surface of my right eye (apparently serious enuff to make the nurse who first looked at them instinctively shrink away in horror [which is *never* a good sign]) -- so naturally, I spent most of my downtime playing on-line poker (of course, of course...)

Actually got a helpful hint from another player that I wuz giving away my bluffs, because I wasn't betting as much when I bluffed as I would when I actually *had* the hand -- so now I deliberately bet my bluffs *identical* to how I would with the real deal, and my game has improved considerably with just that one change.

Haven't been on NLOP fer ages since I got peeved at their customer service department over a poorly handled technical issue I had with them -- with customer support being part of my own job, I'm probably less tolerant of imperfection in that area than most -- the wife was playing on that site too, so if she ever decides to try and work with them on the issue, I might go back -- but fer now, I've got accounts at four other sites under the name 'Rex Ferric' ('rex_ferric' at PartyPoker), which I will now list here along with my current 'play money' balance at each:

Full Tilt Poker - 17416
Bodog Poker - 9500
UltimateBet - 2175
PartyPoker - 1021.97

And just fer giggles, here's some of my Bodog 'player profile':

Favorite poker player: Jennifer Harman

Favorite athlete: Sasha Cohen

Drink of choice: Coca-Cola

Ideal vacation: Naantali, Finland

Vehicle of choice: candy-apple green VW bug

Hottest celebrity: Susie Gharib

Favorite quote: GRAVITY: Not just a good idea -- it's the law...


Blogger Betty said...

Definitely not a good sign, although I'm not sure if it's better or worse than when the guy looking at my eye abrasion last year said, "Holy cow!"

11:16 PM, June 09, 2007  

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