Monday, June 18, 2007

Eight Things Aboot Me

As so often happens to meme whores like meself, I've been tagged (oh the humanity!):
The rules are as follows:

• Each player creates a list of eight random personal facts/habits.
• At the end of your post, list eight people who you want to tag to also do this meme.
• People who are tagged will write their own list of eight personal facts/habits and, if they have a blog of their own, post these rules and their list.
1. Nearly every morning, the Marvel Comics supervillain The Grey Gargoyle crosses my mind (his superpower was the ability to turn anything to stone with a touch -- most mornings, at least a couple of my limbs always feel like he's paid a visit...)

2. I'm quite prone to 'double-dipping' from the chip dip *and* the peanut butter jar. [Ducks the slings and arrows of the health conscious and the OCD-ers...]

3. In my early twenties, I spent almost two years (including a summer at the state fair) working in an ecumenical Christian musical theater group called The Ohio Youth Ministry: acting, singing, playing piano (and occasionaly giving sermons on the subject of whether or not Jesus had a sex life [usually saved those fer the more conservative congregations -- heh, heh...])

4. I've actually quoted Gertrude Stein in the chatbox of an on-line poker site (the particular line I believe was: "It makes it well fish"...)

5. It bothers me that I can't hear in my auditory memory any of the "Tiger of the Pacific" tune from the TV series "McHale's Navy" other than a vicious earworm tapeloop of the refrain: "Quentin McHale!"...

6. The other night when I was playing on-line poker, I noticed I had $6660 worth of chips, so I bet $600 on a crappy hand just to get rid of that '666'... and wound up winning the pot(!)...

7. I've had this idea for a cello piece for weeks now where the melody would be based on a series of dice rolls, but I've been putting off working on it because: 1) I can't decide how I'd come up with the piano accompaniment, and 2) I've been too lazy to roll the dernded dice (or even write a computer program to do it fer me...)

8. I've tried -- really I have -- but I can't think of anything I would eat that I wouldn't try putting chili powder and/or garlic powder on it too...

...and as usual, I'm gonna weasel outta naming taggees -- if'n yah wanna duzzits, then duzzits (dernded yer vermint hides, anyhoo! [spurs his horse and gallops into the sunset, cackling wildly...])


Blogger .ck. said...

I would have been very much amused to hear the Jesus lecture series... perhaps it could be revived, and set to the cello music?...

1:19 AM, June 26, 2007  
Blogger Andrew Ironwood said...

Ah, the ambitions of youth! -- consider the idea taken under advisement fer now...

2:09 AM, June 26, 2007  

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