Monday, July 10, 2006

Tryin' To Get The Mojo Again...

(or: So Many Ideas, So Little Motivation To Make Them Into Proper Posts)

If anyone out there plays poker at PartyPoker, Full Tilt or Bodog and doesn't mind walking someone who's apparently thicker than the entire unabridged print version of the Encyclopedia Britannica through the process, could someone *please* explain to me how to work at least one of these f*ing software packages? (I suppose when it took me three tries to download UltimateBet, only to have that one lock up in mid-signup, I should've taken that as a sign...)

[...or if you wanna try to convince me to try PokerStars or ParadisePoker instead, go right on ahead, dawg...]

Ingredients of Old 7-Up:

carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar, citric acid, natural lemon and lime flavors, sodium citrate, calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor)

Ingredients of New 100%-Natural 7-Up:

filtered carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural citric acid, natural flavors, natural potassium citrate

What Does This Teach Us?
  1. Unfiltered carbonated water is unnatural.
  2. Sugar is unnatural.
  3. Some citric acids are more natural than others.
  4. You can have pictures of lemons and limes on the can, but for God's sake, don't name them (and make sure you add the phrase CONTAINS NO JUICE while you're at it if you don't want to get sued.)
  5. Potassium is more natural than sodium.
  6. We don't *need* to protect any stinkin' flavor no mo'...

Overheard from the vegetable medley:

I am not a banana!
I am a LIMA BEAN!!!

My Family Guy scene...

Peter: Oh no!
Chris: Oh no!
Stewie: Oh no!
Lois: Oh no!
Brian: Oh no!
Judge: Oh no!
Kool-Aid Man: Oh yeah!

Which Family Guy scene are you?

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schizothemia (noun) -
digression by a long reminiscence


Blogger Webmiztris said...

lmao! I just saw that exact family guy episode last night!

my husband has every steenking poker software installed on all of our computers. he's never had any problems installing them, so I have no idea what you're doing wrong!

10:40 AM, July 11, 2006  

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