Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Am *Not*, However, Rushing Right Out To Rent Basic Instinct 2...

Found a link over at Metaphor Voodoo to this list of Entertainment Weekly's 25 Most Controversial Movies, and thought I'd meme it (like I'm the *first* person to think of that -- oh well, here's the usual method to this madness: bold = saw it, italic = definitely considering seeing it sometime, crossed-out = not considering *ever* watching it...)

25 Aladdin [Robin Williams is pretty much the only reason I've ever *rewatch* it...]
24 Caligula [okay, so maybe I just wanna see how far they drift from the plot of the Albert Camus play...]
23 Kids
22 Do The Right Thing
21 Bonnie and Clyde
20 Cannibal Holocaust [not a big fan of gorefests meself...]
19 Basic Instinct [the only bolded movie on here that I'd be more than likely to revisit...]
18 I Am Curious (Yellow) [assuming it's still *legally* available, of course, of course...]
17 Freaks
16 United 93
15 Triumph of The Will
14 The Warriors
13 The Da Vinci Code [the *book* sucked badly enough, thanx...]
12 The Deer Hunter
11 The Message
10 Baby Doll [always had a weakness of anything written by Tennesee Williams -- and didn't they do a spoof of this once on the Carol Burnett Show?...]
09 Last Tango in Paris
08 Natural Born Killers
07 The Birth of a Nation
06 The Last Temptation of Christ
05 JFK
04 Deep Throat [see comment on #18...]
03 Fahrenheit 9/11
02 A Clockwork Orange
01 The Passion of the Christ [see comment on #20...]


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