Thursday, May 18, 2006

With Dreams Like This, Maybe My Subconscious Should Take A Night Class In Screenwriting...

Setting: Japan of the near-future (sort of a low-rent Blade Runner-meets-Total Recall)

Our heros are identical twin brothers seeking revenge (in the classic modern martial arts film tradition) against the mobster who killed their parents and stole the ownership of the family hotel business. Besides both being inhumanely-good kung fu masters, one of the pair also has the mutant ability to cause anything on which he focuses his anger to burst into flames at his touch (an ability he dislikes and tries to suppress, of course, of course).

A prime obstacle in their quest to avenge their parents and regain their legacy: the new young chief of detectives assigned by the corrupt city officials to 'protect' the mob boss. What no-one else realizes is that our two heros are not really twins but *triplets*, and the chief detective (whose large scar across his left cheek from an earlier encounter with this mob back when he was a rookie beat cop seems to serve the same function as Clark Kent's glasses) is the *third brother*, covertly helping the renegades he is expected to apprehend...


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