Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm Not One Of Your Comic-Book Heroes...

[this meme found via Johnny Bacardi]

What Was:

(1) the first comic book you remember reading and its price

I have no doubt I read ones before this, but the earliest one I can remember (and still have) would be Marvel Tales #2 from 1965 (price: 25 cents). Unfortunately, my older brother and I quickly disagreed on whose it was, and the loser of the ensuing tug-of-war was the comic itself, with the cover and first page getting shredded (which of course is why it quickly thereafter became 'mine') -- pretty much the same thing also happened to the first guitar in our household, actually...

(2) the first comic book you remember buying yourself and its price

I'm thinking that would've been 1968's Marvel Tales #13 (price: 25 cents), although that might just be the oldest one that survived the yearly MS Telethon donation purges mandated by my mother...

(3) the most recent comic book you bought and the price

After a cursory look through the collection, it looks like either Scott McCloud's Zot!: Book 1 (price: $34.95) or Batman: Batgirl (price: $4.95), both dated 1997 (I'm actually a little surprised to find anything *that* recent, although it's not entirely impossible that I coulda bought an old Silver Age issue or two at a convention after that [like possibly Adventure Comics #346?...])

(4) any particular big-time bargain you've stumbled across (comic-wise) and the price

Probably the last comic I bought in a grocery store from one of those spinning racks in the middle of the aisle was a rare variant cover version of 1987's Justice League #3 (price: 75 cents -- how that ended up in a grocery store and not a comic store is beyond me, but I knew as soon as I spotted it, with that 'Superman Comics' logo where the DC logo was supposed to be, that I *had* to have that book -- I just saw where someone's trying to sell *their* copy on eBay for $99; good luck with that there, mate...)

(5) the most you ever spent on a comic or comics-content book and its price

Looks like the aforementioned Zot! gets this nod as well (although since I have a vague recollection that I bought that one on-line, it's possible I mighta gotten a *slight* discount...)


Blogger Webmiztris said...

they still make comic books? ;)

11:50 AM, May 22, 2006  
Blogger Andrew Ironwood said...

Well, given the amount of blood, gore and rape I hear is going on in most of the current titles of late, I'm thinking 'comic' may actually be a major misnomer...

12:47 PM, May 22, 2006  

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