Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dream Analysis Anime Theatre

(or, Maybe I've Been Watching Too Much Inuyasha?...)

In feudal era Japan, our hero enters what looks to be the local pub and demands to know the location of General Wu, the man who killed his father.

A man at the bar stands up and says he is General Wu's 2nd-in-command, and that our hero would be wise to leave before he is killed.

Our hero knocks this person out with a single backhand.

Another man kneels next to the unconscious one and, now realizing our hero is the half-wolf-demon known to be hunting for General Wu, directs our hero to a nearby hut where he can get freshened up while the 2nd-in-command is woken up and prepared for their duel.

Our hero goes to the hut and changes into his battle gear. Apparently his father was one *big* wolf-demon, as his hide lines the entirety of our hero's outfit, which looks rather like something a Cossack might wear during a Stanlingrad winter. The wolf's head covers the hat, which looks like a cross between the bottom half of one of those furry anthills worn by the Buckingham Palace guards and a shaggy version of an upside-down piece of Devo headgear.

A woman walks in as our hero is dressing and half-faints. As our hero helps her up, she tells him she is the wife of the man he is going to duel. He promises her an honorable fight, but that her husband is certain to die: if he is not killed in the battle itself, he would certainly commit seppuku afterwards after our hero forces him to reveal the General's location. The wife begs our hero to leave without fighting her husband, even offering to lead him to General Wu herself.

[...and that's when I woke up...]


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